10 anime heroes who paid the price for someone else’s mistake


Anime heroes are often seen to have a self-sacrificing sense of justice, which leads them to carry the majority of the burden in any given series. Whether it’s to protect someone or save the world, these heroes are ready for anything.

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In many cases, heroes are placed in these precarious positions due to the neglect, selfishness or folly of another character. Although they did not cause the problem, the hero is always ready to solve it, regardless of the inconvenience that may arise. Here are ten anime heroes who ended up paying the price for another character’s mistake.

ten Sasuke’s life ruined because of Hiruzen’s decisions regarding Root and the Uchiha (Naruto) clan

Sasuke is scared

Sasuke Uchiha (and his brother, Itachi) saw their lives ruined by the decisions of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and other members of the village council. The Uchiha clan had planned to rebel, mainly because of the way they were treated by the village superiors. As a result, Hiruzen left Danzo and the council to ask Itachi to kill the entire clan.

This sparked a chain of events that led Sasuke to leave the village, join Orochimaru and swear revenge on Itachi, then the Hidden Leaf, and it was just a family upset by Hiruzen and his terrible decisions.

9 Gaara was a villain because of his father’s (Naruto) use of Shukaku

Gaara’s father, the Fourth Kazekage, sealed the Shukaku, a demon, into his son, resulting in both the death of his wife and the creation of a jinchuriki. Gaara, however, had a lot of problems controlling the Shukaku within him, and this caused him a lot of grief. So the Kazekage tried to get him killed and failed.

Because of all this, Gaara was injured and lashed out at those around him. He had no respect for life and he didn’t change his view of the world until he met another jinchuriki, Naruto Uzumaki. Gaara’s childhood was destroyed thanks to his father’s actions, but he eventually changed his ways.

8 Hyakkimaru lost all of his body parts thanks to his father (Dororo)

Hyakkimaru never consented to have his body parts taken by a group of demons, but his father, Lord Daigo, traded them for the prosperity of his lands. Despite Lord Daigo’s intentions to help his people, he injured Hyakkimaru.

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Hyakkimaru decided to take revenge on his father, and he systematically broke the pact by killing demons and regaining parts of his body. Daigo’s mistake caused Hyakkimaru a lot of grief, and in the end, it led Hyakkimaru to take revenge and decide to destroy Lord Daigo, his family, and his lands.

7 Alucard was dormant due to his father’s quest for revenge (Castlevania)

When the church killed Dracula’s wife Lisa, they sparked a series of events they were sadly unprepared for. Dracula swore revenge and planned to destroy humanity. His son, Alucard, opposed him, which ruined their relationship.

When Alucard awoke from his sleep, he met Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades, who both wanted to stop Dracula and his plans for expansion. Alucard confronted Dracula with his new companions, and when Dracula realized what he was doing fighting his son, Alucard killed him. Dracula’s mistake cost Alucard his relationship with his father, and it forced him to kill Dracula.

6 Guts lost it all thanks to Griffith becoming femto (Berserk)

Griffith made a big mistake in Berserk which caused great grief to many people. This mistake stepped on Princess Charlotte. The punishment was his imprisonment and horrific torture. After that slight, Griffith sought to become Femto, and when he did, he hurt a lot of people.

Griffith sacrificed several people to gain his power, and by using his power he committed untold crimes against Casca and ruined his life and that of Guts. Griffith was injured when Guts left, and he made a huge mistake that ruined many lives.

5 Shinji had to face the Apocalypse because of his father’s obsessions (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Shinji and Gendo visit Yuis's grave

Gendo Ikari had a lot of problems, one of which was his obsession with his late wife, Yui. This obsession led him to create the program that his son, Shinji Ikari, was a part of. They were to pilot the EVAs and stop the angels attacking the earth.

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However, Gendo was trying to bring about the apocalypse. Much of it had been in accordance with his plan. Eventually, Shinji and Asuka had to deal with the logistics of the apocalypse caused by the adults on the show. Gendo and Shinji’s relationship was complicated, and Shinji was hurt by Gendo’s actions and his handling of Yui’s death.

4 Chihiro was stuck working at the public baths because of her parents’ curiosity and greed (Spirited Away)

Chihiro without seat belt while his father drives recklessly

Chihiro and his family were moving to a new home when they pulled into an abandoned amusement park. Unfortunately, this amusement park turned out to be a trap, and his parents, drawn by their misplaced curiosity, turned into pigs after disrespectfully eating the food of the spirits.

Chihiro was left alone and forced to work in a public bathhouse for the spirits until she found a way to bring her parents back to normal. Eventually, she was able to do it, but not before being traumatized by the loneliness and fear of being stuck in the public baths by a witch.

3 Avdol and Iggy die because of Polnareff’s failure (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)

JoJo Stardust Crusaders Avdol Iggy Kakyoin Sky Spirits

Muhammad Avdol and the dog holding a stand, Iggy, died in a fight with Vanilla Ice and the Stand, Cream. This happened in part because Jean Pierre Polnareff was unable to carry his weight in the first part of the fight against Vanilla Ice. Avdol was quickly killed, and Iggy died trying to save Polnareff.

Polnareff is known to be slow to think and rush due to his overconfidence. Avdol has already had to fake his death before the fight with Vanilla Ice due to Polnareff’s recklessness and his inability to keep things straight.

2 Akko and Diana lost their magic thanks to the mistakes of Shiny Chariot (Little Witch Academia)

little witch university akko and diana

Children, Akko and Diana were both victims of a scam carried out by Shiny Chariot (who was being manipulated, to be fair), and this scam caused them to lose their magical ability. With a lot of extra work, the two managed to overcome this obstacle, but it was very difficult.

Shiny Chariot stole their magic at the behest of Croix, another witch who had convinced Chariot that she was doing good. The protagonist of the series, Akko, seriously struggled with the consequences of this mischief, even after growing old.

1 Katara is burned because Aang is irresponsible with fire (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Katara Avatar the Last Airbender

Aang, the Avatar, was incredibly irresponsible when he first tried to learn firebending. His mentor told him the dangers of “playing with fire” and he did it anyway. As a result, her best friend and sweetheart, Katara, was burned to the ground.

Fortunately, Katara used this experience to learn how to heal using waterbending. However, Aang’s irresponsibility and guilt for injuring Katara delayed his firebending training for some time. It wasn’t until he started working with Zuko and learned a new source of firebending that he took it over.

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