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Construction of new low-income housing offered by the Terre Haute Housing Authority on North 25th Street is proceeding ahead of schedule, a city official said last week.

The Housing Authority is hopeful that Warren Village will be occupied by its new tenants by the end of the year, said Jeff Stewart, executive director of the Housing Authority. The residential facility is constructed in a U-shape, with newly constructed wings added to the renovated main building, formerly Warren Elementary School.

“The weather hasn’t caused us any major delays,” said Stewart. “We are satisfied with the progress we are seeing there. “

The school, located at 1300 N. 25th St. closed in 2000 after approximately 90 years of operation. The property, now privately owned, will be managed by a non-profit arm of the Terre Haute Housing Authority.

Most of the current tenants living in Deming Center, a downtown Housing Authority facility, are expected to move into Warren Village, Stewart said.

The facility will include more than a dozen new apartments in the old Warren School, as well as residential units in the newly constructed additions. The entire renovation and construction project is expected to cost around $ 11 million.

In total, the new structure will include 109 residential units, the same number of units currently in use at the Deming Center. Rent subsidies from Federal Section 8 of the Deming Center will be transferred to Warren Village, allowing tenants to pay the same rent at both locations. The Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, which funds the Housing Authority, requires the THHA to provide moving services – or a moving allowance – to all tenants who are forced out of the Deming Center when the Deming Center closes. establishment, said Stewart.

Thompson Thrift, a developer from Terre Haute, was awarded the contract for the project last August by the Housing Authority’s board of directors. Funding is provided by Indiana Low Income Tax Credits and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis.

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