Google construction of San Jose village has 2025 deadline


SAN JOSE – Construction of Google’s huge Urban Village in downtown San José is expected to begin in about eight years, once BART and high-speed rail links to Diridon Station are completed.

The deadline, outlined in a memo, is the first public indication of how long it could be before construction begins on the tech giant’s expansion, which would bring up to 20,000 employees to the downtown if the heart of San Jose remodeling plan is moving. cheeky.

Major construction and “ultimate transformation” of the Diridon station area is expected to take place between 2025 and 2027, according to the memo, prepared for San Jose City Council by Kim Walesh, director of economic development for San Jose.

Meanwhile, Google’s development partner Trammell Crow continues to collect properties on the western outskirts of downtown, most recently with the October 18 acquisition of a small plot on West San Carlos Street, near the train station.

Google and Trammell Crow-controlled subsidiary TC Agoge are buying buildings and vacant plots near Diridon station and the SAP Center entertainment complex. They have already bought 20 plots in the Diridon station area, paying $ 146 million.

The $ 1.2 million purchase of the property at 695 W. San Carlos St. – a lot between South Montgomery Street and Los Gatos Creek that contains a small structure – demonstrates Google’s continued interest in continuing the project. transit village.

Walesh’s memo suggests that Google’s negotiations to buy 16 government-owned properties in the heart of the proposed campus have experienced delays, given the complexity of having multiple parties at the negotiating table.

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“We have always represented that the development of the Diridon station area is a long-term game,” Walesh said on Monday. “What you are seeing now is understanding that the area close to the station that Google is most interested in will be the construction and installation area of ​​the BART station and an area of ​​use and activity for the high-speed train. speed. line. It is very complex and it all has to be closely coordinated.

Property sale negotiations involve Google, city officials, and Santa Clara County officials. Of the 16 plots, seven are owned by the City of San Jose and nine are owned by the government entity linked to the now defunct San Jose Redevelopment Agency.

“The complexity of determining the sale price with multiple agency owners and appraisers” means that the approval process for the sale and development of government properties is still in its infancy, the memo from the government said. city.

2017-10-google-village-property-purchase-san jose-downtown-transit-02
A property recently bought by TC Agoge, a Google development ally buying sites near Diridon station. George Avalos / Bay Area Press Group

The delays have pushed back two key elements of the city’s efforts.

First, the city’s plan to engage and involve interested community groups, which was due to start on October 20, was pushed back just before Christmas.

In addition, the deadline for completing negotiations with Google on key things like agreed selling prices for government-owned properties has also been pushed back by 60 days – until late May or early June 2018.

Despite the changes, all signs still suggest that Google’s project is moving forward, said Bob Staedler, a seasoned observer of South Bay development and the progress of downtown San Jose.

“This is the future, and this is the transit-focused development that businesses must have, with the current traffic situation in the Bay Area,” said Staedler, general manager of Silicon Valley Synergy. , a consultancy firm in real estate planning and land use planning. “This is a heritage project for the city of San José. It will happen.

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