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Inauguration of the multi-purpose building of the community of Tesophenyu village

Kohima, December 17 (MExN): The Tesophenyu Village Community Multipurpose Building Groundbreaking Program was held on December 16 in Tesophenyu Village with Alemla J Chishi, Project Manager, DRDA Kohima as a special guest.

Chishi appreciated the Tesophenyu Village Council (TVC) and BDO Chunlikha for the commendable work in completing the great community building. She encouraged them to continue working for the well-being of the villages.

The project director attributed many visible signs of development work to the RD fund, especially MGNREGA, and also called on the assembly to focus more on individual development, as enough stress had been placed on the physical infrastructure. .

Reiterating on MGNREGA, the special guest emphatically insisted on “Focusing on individual development rather than infrastructure”. She added that “to reap the fruits of the progress and development of a village, transparency and accountability must be maintained.”

In addition, Chishi reminded the village councilors and the community to put up road signs, audit at the village level, keep proper records and not to stop work. She further encouraged the villagers to say that “unity is the key to development” and that internal and minor problems in the development of the village should be avoided.

Er Levi Rengma, former parliamentary secretary for people with disabilities (housing) said that the completion of community construction is a great achievement for the village as it will serve various purposes for the village community. He thanked the village councilors and the public for their active role in carrying out the community building.

The chairman of the program was NR Magh, chairman of the Tesophenyu Village Council (TVC). Obed Magh, Pastor TUBC invoked the prayer of consecration. The welcoming speech was delivered by Honbu Tep, secretary of VDB TVC.

Agwalo Mesung, Head GB, TVC spoke words of gratitude. The program brought together the Tesophenyu Group Officers Forum (TGOF), the Tesophenyu Group Women’s Union (TGWU), the Tesophenyu Group Student Union (TGSU), the village chiefs of Sewanu, Ziphenyu and New Tesophenyu , chiefs of neighboring villages, former presidents, young members and the public of Tesophenyu village.

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