Northamptonshire village community is rallying around 94-year-old man who paid £ 400 for garden work left ‘incomplete’

A retiree paid £ 400 to have her garden tidied up, but it was left in a ‘mess’ according to friends.

Residents of a village in Northamptonshire rallied around an elderly neighbor who paid £ 400 in cash to gardeners who ‘didn’t finish’ the work they were employed for.

The 94-year-old, who lives in an independent residence in Roade, paid to have her garden ‘tidy’ after a brochure offering gardening services was posted in her mailbox.

For £ 400, two men spent ‘no more than two hours’ tending to her garden, but friends of the resident say the garden isn’t cleaner and the bushes have been ‘just hacked’.

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Since the incident, neighbors have called the business in question on behalf of the resident, but after speaking to someone the first time who said they would ‘call back’, no one has heard from them and no one has heard from them. could not communicate during the call. .

Neighbor and friend Ann Berry said: ‘They offered her £ 400 for the work, which she paid in cash.

“A man and a boy came, attacked three bushes and simply disappeared.

“They left it in a mess and did two hours of work at the most.

“We have tried to contact them since, but no one can pass.

“Since Covid, when there were six of us in a bubble, we all love to protect each other, so we were devastated when we realized what had happened. “

In the aftermath of the incident, Ann posted about it on a village Facebook page, which quickly gained traction with many people offering to help.

Ann added, “Everyone is concerned about this person they didn’t even know because when I posted her on Facebook, I didn’t name her.

“We have so many people offering to help redo their garden, it’s pretty overwhelming. “

As the garden is quite small and will not be suitable for many people, a morning coffee was also organized on Saturday morning (October 9) for those who want to help but will not be working on the garden.

Since Ann announced the morning coffee, many people have also offered to bake cakes.

“It will be a great opportunity for the older community here to meet a part of the younger community,” continued Ann.

“It also shows how great a community we have here.”

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