Raj sidesteps: Gehlot attacks BJP over inflation, rising fuel prices


Tackling the BJP and its ideological source RSS, Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Tuesday asked if they had an answer to the problem of rising inflation and fuel prices which has hit the country hard. population of the country.

Addressing a by-election rally in Lasadia area, Udaipur district, the congressional leader said the BJP made several promises ahead of the 2014 elections in Lok Sabha ” but no one talks about it now ” ‘and accused the saffron outfits of deceiving people.

“The people of the BJP and the RSS wander from village to village and deceive people. Someone should ask them why inflation is increasing in your rule (in the center). Do they have an answer? The prices of gasoline, diesel and LPG are increasing day by day, ”he said.

“Whatever promises were made seven years ago, even though (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi made them, these people don’t mention them,” he said.

He alleged that people have suffered from inflation since the BJP came to power at the Center.

Gehlot highlighted the work done by his government and said the Congress party was challenging bypolls on the basis of its performance.

Highlighting the political crisis his government faced over the past year, Gehlot said efforts were made to overthrow his government “by the people of the BJP” but had the blessing of the people.

“The love that the people of the state have for me, the confidence they have in me, that is why the people of the state have appointed me chief minister for the third time. I want to work around the clock for the Dalits, the arrears, the tribals and I do, ”he said.

He said it was the Congress Party that gave India democracy and no one could compete with it.

Voting in Dhariawad (Pratapgarh) and Vallabhnagar (Udaipur) will take place on October 30 and the counting will take place on November 2.

The chief minister is due to address four public meetings in the two constituencies on Tuesday.

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