Valentine’s Day Cards ‘Sent By Lover’ Will Boost Village Community Center


Residents of Lover launched a Valentine’s Day postal service, allowing romantics around the world to send a card from the village of Wiltshire.

They sell 8,000 limited edition Valentine’s Day cards online to raise money for a community center.

Four designs are available – including the one of the village sign which is often stolen – as well as glass hearts.

A pop-up post office has opened in the village, with volunteers processing orders and stamping envelopes as “Envoy de Lover“before their shipment.

“The Lover Post has given us the opportunity to become the most romantic village in the world and to create a legacy for future generations, ”said Nick Gibbs, president of the Lover Community trust.

“If you want to show someone how much you love then why not send them one of our cards and help support village life by doing so.

“We hope thousands of people enjoy this heartwarming service.”

International orders close on Sunday and UK orders on Wednesday.

Lover, a small Wiltshire village near the county’s border with Hampshire, lies within the New Forest National Park.

The settlement was once called Westminster Green, but was known as Lover in 1876.

It consists of three roads that connect with each other to form a triangle.

In 2016, Lover Community Trust bought the village primary school, which had closed 10 years earlier.

The donations of the Lover The Post will cover the costs of renovating the building and transforming it into a community asset.

The Lover Post is available on

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