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Village chiefs during a seminar organized in the village of Zhadima on August 24

Kohima, August 24 (MExN): Zhadima Village Youth and Sports Organization (ZVYSO) today held a one-day seminar at the Zhadima Community Hall. It brought together all sections of the village community.

Speaking on the topic “Unity”, Roko Angami, VDB secretary Zhadima, stressed the power of unity, saying that the sense of unity must come from the heart and not from the mind.

He urged residents to rise up and support each other in all areas by issuing constructive criticism.

He also praised the unity shown by the village community in obstructing the commissioning of the water project in Zhadima due to the irregularities of the project.

Zakenei Khoubve, president of Zhadima Gazetted Officers Krotho (ZGOK), who shared on the topic “Competition”, insisted on the need for healthy competition in all fields, ranging from academics to business.

In continuing to promote local products, he urged the village farming community to market local and organic products on a larger scale.

Zhadima Village Council (ZVC) chairman Kesovilhou Chüpuo spoke on the topic “Identity”.

He shared about the history of the village and the transformation from the era of head hunting to the modern era.
He strongly urged the community to preserve and protect its oral history so that generations will know its origin and identity.

Speaking on the theme “Excellence”, President ZVYSO Vizosielie Khoubve insisted on the need for young minds to think outside the box and to excel in their respective fields.

Highlighting various employment opportunities, he encouraged young people to seek and seize opportunities.

With over hundreds of participants, the seminar ended after short speeches from four village elders, namely Thepfurio Miario, Neiyalie Pfüsenuo, Sabeilhou Kuotsu and Tseilie Sanchu.

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